Bodywork & Alternative Therapies


Create balance and harmony in the body physically, mentally, and emotionally. Restorative Rain combines a full body massage with a treatment of essential oils. Restorative Rain oils include nine powerful aromatic essential oils layered on the back in addition to pressure point massage. Promotes relaxation, supports the immune system, and soothes inflammation and pain.


$130 | 90min Reikissage
$90 | 60min Reiki session
$90 | 60min Reiki & Reflexology

Balance your energy, release emotional blockages, and reduce stress levels. Reiki translates to “spiritually guided energy.” Reiki uses light touch while energy transfers from practitioner to client and stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities.
Reikissage is a reiki treatment combined with a full body massage to further advance the benefits of your treatment.
You can also combine a Reiki treatment with Reflexology.
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Become balanced, centered, and open to greater body awareness with this unique bodywork therapy. Experience a form of energy balancing based on a 5,000 year old system of Ayurveda that originated in India. The body has seven main energy centers along the spine that absorb & emit energy referred to as chakras. Each chakra nourishes and regulates one important aspect of life. Chakra massage works to balance any energy centers that may have become closed or imbalanced. This treatment combines massage with essential oils, crystal stone placements, and subtle energy work.



Relieve chronic muscle tension, increase mobility and reduce scar tissue with Cupping Therapy. During your treatment, specially designed silicone cups are left in place for 3-5 minutes and also glided along the skin to achieve results similar like that of a deep tissue massage.

Circular skin markings are common after the cups are removed and can last for several days or more depending on how fast your body heals.

Chinese Cupping therapy


The ultimate foot massage experience. A rejuvenating experience that provides a sense of relaxation, reduces stress, and well being. Reflexology may seem like just a foot massage. In reality; Reflexology is a manual therapy using targeted pressure applied to specific points and zones on the feet. According to traditional Chinese medicine; these zones and points on the feet correspond to organs and the body system. Immerse yourself in a meditative experience to totally disconnect from the outside world.