Bodywork & Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies to balance, nourish & detox the mind & body.


This therapy utilizes 9 powerful essential oils to re-align the energy centers in your body & can allow the body to generate a natural cleansing & detox.  Essential oils are applied along the spine & massaged into the tissue to stimulate the entire body. This technique will provide healing support & promote relaxation to balance the body spiritually, emotionally & physically.  Raindrop therapy is a specialized bodywork treatment for those with back pain, spinal discomfort, anxiety, insomnia, & fatigue. Raindrop Therapy is performed at the end of a full body massage session.


$130 | 90min Reikissage
$90 | 60min Reiki session
$90 | 60min Reiki & Reflexology

Balance your energy, release emotional blockages, & reduce stress levels. “Reiki” translates to “spiritually guided energy.” Energy is transferred from practitioner to client to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. Reiki uses light touch & energy transfer over the body without touch.
Reikissage is a reiki treatment combined with full body massage to further advance the benefits of your treatment.
You can also combine a Reiki treatment with Reflexology.
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Person getting a body treatment with the Reiki technique


Become balanced, centered & open to greater body awareness with this unique bodywork therapy. Experience a form of energy balancing based on a 5,000 year old system of Ayurveda that originated in India. The body has seven main energy centers along the spine that absorb & emit energy referred to as chakras. Each chakra nourishes & regulates one important aspect of life. Chakra Balancing massage works to open & balance any energy centers that may have become closed or imbalanced. A full body massage is combined with essential oils, crystal stone placements, & subtle energy work.



Relieve chronic muscle tension, increase mobility & reduce scar tissue with Cupping Therapy. During your treatment, specially designed silicone cups are applied to the skin.

Cups are left in place for 3-5 minutes & can also be moved or glided along the skin to achieve results similar like that of a deep tissue massage.

Circular skin markings are common after the cups are removed & can last for several days or more depending on how fast your body heals.


$75│60min with foot scrub

The ultimate foot massage experience. Immerse yourself in a meditative experience to totally disconnect from the outside world. The ancient art of Thai reflexology provides a  relaxing & rejuvenating experience that heals the mind, body, & “sole.”

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