FSA & HSA for Massage Therapy


FSA & HSA funds can pay for virtually any type of medical service.  The service needs to pertain to the treatment or prevention of a specific health condition.

Massage therapy can be a qualified medical expense if a health care professional recommends it with a written prescription.

Some examples that can qualify include carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic stress, & back pain. Arthritis, fibromyalgia, in addition to anxiety & depression can be considered a qualified expense.

We only take FSA/HSA payments. We do not bill for Medical Insurance.


To set up massage as a qualifying expense; visit your healthcare professional.
Let them know that you would like to use some of your FSA or HSA funds toward massage for treatment or prevention of your condition.

A health care professional must provide “3” pieces of information on the prescription for the cost of massage therapy to be an eligible medical expense with the request for reimbursement.

Once you’ve obtained the prescription, file it away in case you are ever asked to back up the expense. It’s not necessary to bring the prescription to the spa.

Bring in your FlexCard or your designated HSA card to pay for your next visit.
If you don’t have a FlexCard or an HSA card, you can pay for your massage & turn in your receipt for reimbursement.

Note: You can’t include tips on your FSA or HSA payment.

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