Promote pain relief, reduce chronic tension in muscles, improve range of motion & mobility, & provide stress relief & relaxation.



Our Estheticians provide their expertise & knowledge to customize your facial & treatment tailored to your specific needs.

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Alternative therapies to balance, nourish & detox the mind & body.

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Body Treatments

Viride offers the revolutionary bioslimming body wrap & all
natural body treatments.

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Brows & Lashes

No matter what your brow concern is; gaps, thinning, over plucking, unruliness, brow lamination is an amazing solution & a great alternative to invasive microblading.

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Infrared Sauna

​​Infrared light is the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum, experienced as heat, and it has the ability to penetrate human tissue to produce a host of health benefits.

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Have a little Unwanted Facial Hair? From Peach Fuzz, to Chin Hairs, to Unruly Brows; all can be eliminated with facial waxing.

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The ultimate foot massage experience.  Immerse yourself in a meditative experience using a combination of reflexology & binaural sound therapy to totally disconnect from the outside world.

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Advanced Skin Care

Take your skincare to a whole new level.  Advanced Skincare enhances your customized facial allows you to receive instantly improved exceptional results.

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Our Estheticians are PCA SKIN® providers. PCA is the leader in chemical peels with more than 25 years formulating the best & most innovative professional treatments in the industry.

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Choose an Upgrade or one of our many Complimentary Enhancements. All enhancements are designeed to be incorporated into your massage session without adding additional time.

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Viride offers Packages of 3 sessions to help you save & to encourage you to be consistent with your wellness program. Packages also make a great massage gift.

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