Thai Reflexology

60min with sugar foot polish │$75


The ultimate foot massage experience.
Immerse yourself in a meditative experience using a combination of reflexology & binaural sound therapy to totally disconnect from the outside world.
The ancient art of Thai reflexology provides a relaxing & rejuvenating experience that heals the mind, body, & “sole.”
* This is not a traditional Reflexology treatment

Headphones provided will play binaural sound therapy which features music designed to influence alpha brain wave activity, wakeful relaxation, & encourage the body’s natural potential for healing. Reduce anxiety, stress & promote better sleep.

Our exclusive Organic Mahanarayan oil blend delivers powerful muscle & joint relief. Rich in over 15 synergystic herbs & used in combination with hot stones to warm up the skin & provide soothing therapeutic heat to relax your muscles.

Pressure is applied to reflex points on the feet using a specialized bamboo tool to free up blocked energy & create deep relaxation.

Benefits of this treatment can relieve stress & tension, promote relaxation, detoxify & purify, decrease fatigue, promote general wellness & mental clarity.